The new release of web applications includes the following major updates:

  • Another Google Reader feature has been implemented in Starscape - our service now supports tags!
  • And we’ve also removed the unnecessary extra step from Starscape: users will see the list of starred messages immediately after logging in, no need to choose from the list of feed channels to move forward to the next stage.
  • In WikiType, we’ve added the feature of manually reordering chapters by dragging and droping them so they won’t appear in mixed or reversed order when choosing to generate few chapters instead of the whole book and will be in the order you set.
  • In addition, we’ve corrected the way images are treated to appear in PDF in WikiType.

Feel free to view and download our free PDFs of the day: they’re generated via both our applications, Starscape and WikiType, placed on the service pages and change rather frequently.

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