Major news of the day: our applications have moved to new domain - We have a nicely designed interface now and a brand new web application to announce: Starscape. With Starscape it is now possible to collect starred entries from Google Reader into well-formatted PDF.

Some new features have been added to WikiType (formerly known as WikiBooks2PDF or MediaWiki2PDF):

  • You can choose chapters from the book you want to be formatted, so there’s no need to print the whole book just to get one chapter from it
  • Rendered books are accompanied by information about the authors and the license
  • ‘Print versions’ are skipped by default

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2 Responses to “What’s New: June 10th, 2008”

  1. Londenp Says:


    First: great tool
    comment: I tried it but got the chapters in the wrong order. Could you please develop a possibility in which one could determine the order of the chapters?

    Thanks from a Wikian

  2. Nelly Aghabekyan Says:


    We’ve added such possibility in the latest release. Thank you for feedback!

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