Major news of the dayWikiBooks2PDF now formats PDF from Wikipedia articles, thus we’re about to rename the service to MediaWiki2PDF. Service pages have been redirected to and

New features:


  • We’ve changed the list of sample books by adding high-quality ones from and adding a category of small and fast formatting books. The look and feel of the list has also changed to make it easier to use
  • We’ve added a number of preformatted books to view or download A4/Letter or E-Book sized PDFs generated by MediaWiki2PDF without formatting them by oneself
  • Improved Unicode support
  • Fixed error because of invalid attributes in URLs and images


  • Improved Unicode support
  • Fixed the ‘User must be specified’ error, which somitemes occured when logging in


  • The application now generates linearized PDFs

Possible problems:


  • The service may sometimes not format some wikibooks, “Ubuntu” for instance


  • We’ve found a bug with time and date not matching the needed format
  • Some none-English feeds from GoogleReader cannot be formatted
  • Service has got problems with formatting e-book sized PDFs

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  1. Andy Says:

    Seems like it is not yet fully working, as the page apparently only accepts WikiBooks URLs. That page also talks only about wikibooks, so the HTML needs to be adjusted once it works with the other wikis. But for the Wikibooks it looks great, so once it works for wikipedia as well it will be a great tool.

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