• Service checks whether the URL provided by a user exists and if it leads to a wikibook, and not somewhere else.
  • The error occurs no more when entering a URL of book subchapter in spite of a URL of the book itself


  • Title hierarchy is fixed and functions correctly
  • Service checks the username provided for accessing shared feeds and bypasses the incorrect ones
  • The ‘Unicode Decode Error’ skipping is now improved
  • In case if some feeds don’t have a title then it’s set to ‘Untitled’ by default
  • The button ‘Check All’ works correctly and is substituted by ‘Uncheck All’ when user checks all of his feeds
  • Service works in Internet Explorer (6+)
  • The bug with automated refill of the form is fixed
  • Progress bar now functions correctly
  • Information on number of unread items in feeds and of username and date gets to output PDF

In case if you didn’t know yet: you can access to light versions of both services with minimal interface and no JavaScript at all - MiniBlogPaper and MiniWikiBooks2PDF, suitable for portable devices. Below is the list of what was new in these.


  • Correct book title is seen in the document
  • User may now choose which kind of document he wants to get: E-Book-sized or A4/Letter


  • If formatting fails, then the error log appears on the service page
  • When the user has got no unread feeds, he doesn’t see the ‘Get PDF’ button
  • User may now choose which kind of document he wants to get: E-Book-sized or A4/Letter
  • The ‘Get PDF & Mark Items As Read’ button now exists and works correctly

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